Sistar Bora Song Joong Ki Dating

It’s not an easy task to organize a fanpage. I faced a lot of problems and stress. But then when I saw the … More passion and love from you guys to song joong ki I’m really touch. Change your thoughts and you change your world :. The werewolf boy thai version poster. Thai fans are so lucky but when it’s our turn to watch this awesome movie in cinema? Some snapshots of actor Song Joong Ki from a quiz show … More he appeared on when he was a college student were recently released. Song and Kim had some experiences in appearing on TV shows before their debut.

Foolish male mediaplays a dating rumour with Bora for attention, is mercilessly struck down

I want to believe that it’s not true Lol they’re not dating. They pretty much said she didn’t even know who he was. StarshipEnt shut down that rumor so fast with “she doesn’t really even know who he is.

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The facts are taken and compiled from some interviews, shows, and events he attend. Check it out! He has an older brother who is very different from him masculine and muscular and a seven years younger sister named Song Seul Ki. At home he just walks around in his underwear. He took business economics major because it seemed really impressive to his young mind LOL and he would look smart if he told about the major to his girlfriend. On an Elle Girl interview July he confessed that he had broke up with his long-time girlfriend about three months ago.

Sistar bora song joong ki dating sites

Some nicknames he gets from RM:. TGIF April 30, at Who carries joong stiletto bora the best? Shared joong why by:. The Fact via Nate 1. Not only were they sistar to earth, Sistar were super friendly and funny.

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They came together and fell apart as quick as lightning. The two of them met on set and acted as lead together for the very very popular KDrama: Descendants of The Sun if you watch KDrama at all you actually probably have heard of that drama. It was a pan-Asia all across Asia hit! What makes Descendants special than other pan-Asian hit is it had a Western reception well ok more like Asians living in Western countries too.

She is also notorious for dating alot of her co-stars. She has been in numerous rumor relationship with other co star such as Rain after Full House and Song Seung Ho after Autumn in my heart.

Bora Profile and Facts

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Watch K1 Headlines updates online: Song Joong Ki’s agency has spoken up about recent dating rumors surrounding the actor.

So Joo Won and her has the same choice.. Which surprised me at the time because he always struck me as the consummate team player considerate of his acting colleagues, but I think this was epiphany on a higher plane. And not to lose sight of this thread that he was working toward applying those hard-learned lessons on the set of NG. And I think SJK was also lucky he got to work with actors who got what he was doing. MCW understands what it means to act.

So they both were a real good team in front of the camera and had great chemistry behind the camera as well. Especially after he is going to be discharged. He needs a LOT of leading roles! Come back to me soon! But in my own assessment, what sets SJK apart is due to the artistic connection they have as actors. They are not explosive actors.

Former Sistar member Bora is dating BIGSTAR’s Feeldog, says report

Sistar’s Bora would never date Song Joong Ki, even if he knees and pleads here. Sistar’s Bora once shared that Song Joong Ki has been her ideal guy since debut. However, for Bora, “Ideals are just ideals, no more, no less. When the host pressed on and said “What if he knees and pleads in front of you? Will you change your mind?

Sistar bora song joong ki dating sites. Some nicknames he gets from RM. TGIF April 30, at 8. Who carries joong stiletto bora the best? Shared joong why by.

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